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Managing Expectations for The Consumerization of Technology: Lessons Learned from David Hinson

Posted by Sophia White, National Content Coordinator on Jul 16, 2018 4:17:27 PM

In his Drury Magazine article “Techie Talk: A Digital Revolution,” Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff, COO, and CIO David Hinson explores the challenges of managing technology infrastructure in this “brave new technological world.” As the “consumerization of technology” alters expectations for the university space, Hinson argues that leaders must adopt a growth mindset to deliver upon, and plan for, ready access to technology. This access predicates faculty performance and student success, as the well-equipped student will be able to develop the critical thinking skills that facilitate lifelong learning.

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What Does Commencement REALLY Represent?

Posted by Sophia White, National Content Coordinator on Jun 1, 2018 12:51:19 PM

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be able to visit my 90-year old grandmother in Cape Cod. She’s truly a force of nature -- she lives alone, survived a massive tree falling on her house this winter without batting an eye, and schedules more weekly social events than I do as a millennial living in the city. Among the incredible life experiences she’s shared with me from her time raising a family and traveling the world, one thing that’s resonated has been her love and pride for her alma mater, the University of California at Berkeley. I was reminded of this as I was coordinating some weekend Commencement livestreams for Apogee partners while at my grandmother’s house. I found myself immersed in a deep conversation with my family about why the word “Commencement” symbolizes a beginning, and defines the ceremony rather than “graduation,” an end.  I felt a wave of nostalgia thinking back to my own Commencement and all of the wonderfully terrifying beginnings that came with graduating from college – to a point where I actually found myself switching back and forth between watching the royal wedding on Stream2 and the University of New Hampshire’s 2018 Commencement ceremony. My grandmother even started telling us about the dress she wore on her Commencement Day over sixty-five years ago.

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Getting Sustainable with Apogee

Posted by Sophia White, National Content Coordinator on Apr 9, 2018 1:41:05 PM

March usually embodies the naïve hope of spring: warm weather, green grass, tulips, frolicking in fields…. As I’m writing this blog post warming up my frigid fingers after being slammed by Winter Storm Toby, it’s hard to imagine what a green world feels like. Yet the Orca team has been psyched to be collaborating with universities to promote “green” (like the segue?!) and sustainable initiatives throughout March and into Earth Month in April.  

Most notable in March was our initiative to promote the nationwide Recylemania  tournament. I was made aware of the tournament after a December phone call with facilities administrators at Southwestern University. They mentioned that Southwestern would be competing in the 8-week competition beginning February 4th. Recyclemania is a “friendly competition for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities.” Competing schools raise awareness about waste reduction, increase recycling efforts, and report weights to benchmark against other schools.

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Au Revoir, Winter Break!

Posted by Sophia White, National Content Coordinator on Mar 7, 2018 10:51:21 AM

After a slower January in which many schools were still on winter break, February has been a busy month for the OrcaTV team. Aside from the personal weirdness of being a Patriots fan living in Philadelphia (ask me about my friends who stole my Pats hat ON MY BIRTHDAY, please!) I’ve been working with schools to support important initiatives through the OrcaTV channel. In February, I was ecstatic to see vibrant Black History Month conversations and some creative campus events celebrating diversity and inclusion. On OrcaTV channels nationwide, campuses advertised events such as the University of Mary Washington’s Step Show, which is sponsored by the James Farmer Multicultural Center and features step teams from around the country. At Pace University, our student ambassador, Rachel, put together a breathtaking slideshow to feature fashion designs from a Pace freshman who was using fashion to inform conversations about Black History Month.

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Six Student Success Takeaways from 2017

Posted by Sophia White, National Content Coordinator on Feb 1, 2018 3:09:09 PM

After upwards of fifty school visits in 2017 and countless student engagement-related phone calls, I’ve learned a lot. I get really excited to fly out of Terminal D in the Philadelphia airport because I know there’s a Jamba Juice there, and parking on a new campus is by far the hardest part of a school visit.

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Puppies, Snapchat, and......Finals?

Posted by Sophia White, National Content Coordinator on Jan 8, 2018 3:04:41 PM


It’s been almost two years since I finished my Master’s at the University of New Hampshire. I can still vividly recall my last finals experience in which I had to write four twenty-page papers in one week. Don’t ask me why I left them all until the bitter end – there was definitely a good reason for it. Probably something to do with leading three sunrise New Hampshire Outing Club hikes and planning the English Graduate Organization holiday party the week after Thanksgiving. Regardless, I remember seeing the time on my iPhone tick by as I pounded away on my keyboard and finished the last vestiges of my academic career around 3:00 am, slouched in the wooden chairs of Dimond Library’s second floor.

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