Bridging the Gap

Ambassador Perspective: Lindsay Bernhards

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The fall 2017 semester is over, and what an incredible three months it has been! When I started out as a student ambassador at George Mason University, I had never reached out to student organizations on campus despite being an active participant. During my time with Apogee, however, I have learned valuable skills like these and helped in Mason’s goal to reach out to the community and make contributions beyond the bounds of its campus borders!

 Throughout the time I have worked as a student ambassador, I have worked with a student-founded nonprofit InvestinYOUth, a centralized mentorship program in the Fairfax area; MEDLIFE, an organization that helps families all around the world have access to healthcare; and Mason’s own Office of Student Life.

My partner Kelsey and I teamed up with Mason’s Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and assisted Kappa Delta, a sorority that raises money for Girl Scouts of America and Prevent Child Abuse America, to help promote their new chapter on Mason’s Fairfax campus. In the fall of 2017, Kelsey and I submitted advertisements to the Apogee platform, helped set up a social media feed, and assisted Kappa Delta in creating advertisements. With the social media feed, Kappa Delta members could have their photos broadcasted on every campus television just by using a hashtag. The initiative was incredibly successful and helped the women of Kappa Delta develop the newest addition to their sisterhood at Mason.

Knowing that fraternities and sororities are one of the major sources of student involvement on the Fairfax campus, it was great to help my university in its goal to build an active, collaborative student body. In addition to helping student organizations promote their content, I got the opportunity to work with Mason’s diverse and career-ready students in all aspects of campus life, whether I reached out to them about advertising, talked to them about future projects, or encouraged them to submit content. Mason Patriots are engaged students who show leadership in settings public and private, local, national, and international.

Apogee has also helped me foster my passion for marketing. I learned valuable skills that I have been able to carry over into my business studies and they have helped me become a career-ready graduate. The people I have worked with have been more like mentors and I look forward to future innovative projects. Mason Patriots lead the way!

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