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How Ithaca College Built a Wi-Fi Roadmap for Growth

Posted by Alex Donnini, Marketing Manager on Oct 16, 2017 8:19:43 AM


Inc. is one of my favorite magazines to read. A recent article particularly intrigued me—it focused on the difference between Generation Z and Millennials and noted that 40% of Generation Z said that working Wi-Fi was more important to them than working bathrooms. How quickly the world has changed. I got to thinking about our nearly 15-year partnership with Ithaca College, and how Wi-Fi is now playing an increasingly important role on campuses. If you visit Ithaca today, you’ll find a world-class Wi-Fi network enjoyed by students, teachers, and guests for everything, everywhere.

Ithaca College, located in Ithaca, New York, has seen the importance and benefits of deploying world-class Wi-Fi. Its campus, situated over 670 acres with over 60 buildings, serves 6,700 students and 1,700 staff. Ithaca first came to us in the early 2000’s to upgrade its residence hall Wi-Fi network, which even back then was starting to be overwhelmed by students’ accelerated devices adoption, plus a host of other challenges like the Blaster virus and piracy from peer-to-peer sharing. The college became our first client and one of the first colleges to outsource ResNet. The upgraded high-speed Wi-Fi network eliminated students’ unstable connections and ResNet complaints, and met guests’ urgent needs for free Internet.

Fast forward 10 years, in late 2014, Ithaca looked to Apogee again, this time to begin Wi-Fi build-out to the rest of the campus, including 29 academic and administrative buildings. Students wanted to know why they couldn’t have the same high-speed Wi-Fi all over campus as they had in their dorms. Ithaca wanted a solution that would provide seamless and reliable wireless coverage, even in high-density areas like lecture halls, auditoriums and dining facilities. And they also wanted the network to grow and adapt to the college’s changing needs.

It is gratifying to see the positive impact on student satisfaction and productivity, not to mention the college’s bottom line. Take a look at our case study (link to case study) to learn how the 15+ year partnership between Ithaca and Apogee has mapped out a progressive path for technology.

Read the full Ithaca College case study here

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