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Ambassador Perspective: Rachel Andrade

Posted by Rachel Andrade, Former Pace University Student Ambassador on Aug 20, 2018 4:45:06 PM

Rachel CTS

Rachel at Apogee's 2017  Customer Technology Seminar, pictured with Rahul Naik of Johns Hopkins University 

Rachel Andrade, here! I am a recent graduate of Pace University NYC and a former OrcaTV student ambassador. During my time at Pace University I majored in Arts and Entertainment Management and minored in Special Events Marketing. In effort to foster a community on a big city campus, I served as an executive board member of the Programming and Campus Entertainment Board (P.A.C.E. Board) for two years; Marketing Director ‘16-’17, President ‘17-’18. As a student leader, I recognized the importance of student engagement and recognition. Understanding these two factors was a vital part of my role as a student ambassador.

With about 2 years of experience as an OrcaTV student ambassador under my belt, I have executed many different campaigns and content initiatives. Prior to debuting any campaigns, I felt that it was important to know who the students on campus are, what drives them, and where they see their Pace Path taking them. Learning about my peers gave me insight into what content on the OrcaTV screens is intriguing, educational and useful for them.  

My favorite content initiative that I set forth was Pace University’s Featured Artist. As I got to know the student body, I discovered how artistically talented each student was. Regardless of what each student was studying, they had in depth portfolios that deserved a platform bigger than their own. Of course I had known of artists on campus who were friends or friends of friends, thankfully they assisted in kicking the campaign off. In an effort to recruit any and every student possible, I created a flyer for  the OrcaTV screens that was a calling to all artists. The flyer simply offered a free platform to display their work around the entire campus with my contact information. Upon the flyer’s display, emails started coming in and I had more than a handful of new artists. Each feature included the artist’s headshot, class standing, major/minor, hometown, favorite mediums, artistic inspirations, a fun fact, contact information/website, social media handles, and 5-6 pieces of their work. The features were submitted as a PowerPoint file and played in rotation with regularly scheduled content. 

pace artist 1


This campaign brought attention to students who may not be a part of student organizations or participate in on campus activities. Recognizing art on the screens without limiting the mediums that were accepted was important. In the end, we featured multiple photographers, graphic designers, fashion designers and sketch artists. As I observed other students watching these features and saying, “I wish I could be featured!” I found that students loved to see what their peers have been creating and achieving outside of the classroom, as well as being recognized for accomplishments themselves.pace artist 2

Connecting my role as an OrcaTV student ambassador and student leader was very beneficial for both roles. I was able to see the capabilities of the OrcaTV screens beyond traditional content display because I understood needs of student organizations at Pace University NYC. Today, hashtags play a major role in social media user engagement and can also help in engaging students with the OrcaTV screens. P.A.C.E. Board utilized social media feed campaigns to both advertise to students and attract attention to the screens. For the major talent show that P.A.C.E. Board produces, we created individual hashtags for each performer. These hashtags ultimately acted as a voting system for “Fan Favorite” and created a beautiful social media campaign. OrcaTV also had capabilities to curate social media feeds live, throughout an event. During our Fall and Spring Festivals, we displayed the feed on large screens and randomly offered prizes to those who used the hashtag. After the event, this created awareness and recognition to both the organization and those who used the hashtag.pace artist 3

Through these efforts I grew as a student and young professional. Being an OrcaTV student ambassador truly enhanced my Pace Path, training and guiding me to navigate real-world experiences. The Apogee/OrcaTV team were always incredibly welcoming and supportive of all of my endeavors. In November 2017 I had the privilege of being a student panelist at the Customer Technology Seminar in Austin, TX alongside a fellow student ambassador. This was nothing that I had ever done before and it gave me the opportunity to share ideas and broaden my knowledge of the platform.  Sophie White, my supervisor,  provided amazing feedback and encouragement throughout my entire experience as a student ambassador. I wish I could do it all over again. I wish the new student ambassadors, Alex West and Lauren Cardinale, all of the best.


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