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Ambassador Perspective: Doris Osei

Posted by Doris Osei on Jun 29, 2018 3:09:44 PM


Campus TourHi, my name is Doris Osei, and I am a rising junior at St. Thomas Aquinas College studying Communications Arts. I am proud to be a part of the OrcaTV Student Ambassador Program because it has helped change student engagement and involvement on my school campus. St. Thomas Aquinas College I believe has worked with OrcaTV to provide students with content and coming up with a creative way to get students watching and get more involved. 

At the beginning of my sophomore year is when I was introduced to Sophie White by the director of residential life.  In Fall 2017 I joined the OrcaTV family as a student ambassador. I was truly excited because I’ve been looking for ways to get students more involved and engaged in activities.  This paved a way for me to use my ideas to solve the problems that were persisting. 

 In the Fall semester, the three content initiatives that were impactful on campus were Stac The Halls, Santa Fest,  and the Holiday Pajama Party.  Stac the Halls was focused on gathering students in each dormitory to work together as a team to decorate their common area for the holidays. This initiative was impactful because it helped students get more involved and helped students bond more. It also created a high revenue number of student engagement on our social media platforms.  Santa Fest was an initiative that was focused on helping People to People of Rockland raise money for children who are in need.  By using advertisements, social media engagement and custom geofilters, this event was a success. People to People were pleased with the way we were able to raise and spread the word area campus through our content initiative. Lastly, the holiday pajama party was the biggest hit of the semester. It was my first time planning an event like this. The holiday party was an initiative focused on helping students de-stress during finals week and get students together to have some fun. 61 students responded saying this event was advertised well and events like this should be done more often. All three events gave me the opportunity to be a liaison between different departments such as Communications, Arts and Residential Life.

 I learned so much after all three events turned out to be great. I noticed that joining the OrcaTV Team has given me more knowledge about advertising in ways that can catch students eyes and drive engagement.

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