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SUNY Canton/Potsdam featured in ACUHO-I's Talking Stick

Posted by Alex Donnini, Marketing Manager on Dec 15, 2017 2:38:42 PM


Two of Apogee’s university partners, SUNY Canton & SUNY Potsdam, recently published an article in ACUHO’s Talking Stick titled “IT’s Role in Student-First Experiences.”  Authored by housing, IT, and business administrators, it sheds light on a challenge many SUNY institutions are facing: the fierce competition to recruit and retain students, especially within on-campus housing.  This, combined with a sharp increase in Wi-Fi enabled devices using the campus network, develops into a perfect storm.  We’ve seen this at many other institutions in the northeast, where competition to recruit students is cutthroat.  In these desperate times, institutions need to work with providers that align within their strategic plan. Specifically, The SUNY system’s strategic plan highlights two core values that tie nicely into this article: 

  1. Student-Centered Approach – As a managed technology provider that focuses 100% on higher education, our primary mission is to help colleges and universities do what they do best – drive the student experience and educate the leaders of tomorrow. For SUNY Canton & Potsdam, administrators needed to ensure their students were satisfied with their residential internet (ResNet) service.  Without students, where would we be?
  2. Collaboration – SUNY’s strategic plan mentions that “Collaboration makes our expertise more powerful.” This has been our experience at hundreds of institutions where we serve as an extension of university teams, allowing schools to focus on mission-critical goals while implementing better efficiencies.  This article also showcases incredible collaboration among departments around strategic technology investments, which is a growing trend.  Lastly, the shared services model between SUNY Canton & Potsdam could be a glimpse into what many institutions will be implementing in the future to stay competitive.                   

We are extremely proud of our SUNY partnerships and our relationship with the state of New York.  Our northeast team is anticipating a great 2018 where they will continue to bridge the gap between technology and student success.

You can read the full article here.

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