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Ambassador Perspective: Daniel Aguirre

Posted by Daniel Aguirre, Manhanttan College Student Ambassador on Jul 31, 2018 4:08:31 PM


Constant innovation and renovation encapsulates the life of technology, especially in the field of apps. The introduction of smartphones into our society has enabled us with the ability to communicate in real time. Over time, it has evolved to even video chatting. Unlimited access to limitless information on ideas, events, and people granted to those with a phone. The ones who frequently capitalize on these advancements are college students.

With copious loads of work being pushed onto students every semester, it’s no wonder they’re taking advantage of technology. With the ability to snap pictures at the touch of a screen, homework assistance has never been more accessible. Basic messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Groupme allow for communication between classmates. It facilitates camaraderie in the form of homework help such as sharing tutoring videos and pdf textbooks.  Not only that, but with applications such as Facetime and Skype you’re enabled to even see your friends and talk to them face to face.

Personally, I utilize a handful of applications for my assignments at Manhattan College. With the use of Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and Snapchat, I can quickly communicate with my peers to share progress or schedule study review sessions. However, the best platform to collaborate on, in my opinion, would be Google Drive. It is integrated with our college emails, thus allowing for easy share of pictures, review sheets and online notes. It also serves as a cloud and contains all of my work during the semester. However, the one thing that Google Drive does not have is a live video option. The application I use for that would be Skype. Although I do not use it as often as Google Drive, it has definitely assisted me in going over presentations and hearing the process of certain method. It is especially helpful since it has a screen share ability, allowing others on the call to see what you’re working on. These two applications have provided amazing assistance in my work.

Google Drive (essentially a modified and simplified version of Microsoft Office) allows users to create, tweak and customize various documents together at the same time. For one of my classes, Heat Transfer, our group had to work on a Finite Difference Method Project. This is essentially a plethora of equations used to find things such as the temperature distribution across an object such as a steel beam. The project had multiple parts to it and my group worked on it in Google Drive. With everyone working on one document it allowed for everyone to be on the same page (literally). If we didn’t work on Google Drive, it would have been a hassle to transfer and merge files from each other’s computers. Another awesome feature of G-drive would be how it functions as a cloud. This allows for ease of storage, access and sharing of documents and files. It hosts everything in one place along with presenting it on a simply beautiful and concise platform.

The Orca student ambassador position necessitates communication between both Apogee and the school’s respective directors and leaders. From the start, I have used Google Drive as a way to keep track of both meetings between the aforementioned groups. For example, for each meeting with Brandon and Sophie, I would note practically anything and everything that was of importance. As for the school’s groups and directors, I would note anything of concern or interest of the director or club leader.  As stated before, the ease of sharing documents was an incredibly useful tool. Without it, I would have been lost and unsure of who was next on my list to meet or what the next few events were.

Google Drive is essentially my go to whenever lists, notes or even photos are needed. In addition to being an Orca student ambassador, I am the president of my college’s Environmental Club. With G-Drive, it has allowed for the flow of information between my executive board and I to be quick and painless. Everyone is on the same page and with the application Whatsapp, it ensures everyone is up to date with meetings, events and overall performance in the club. The latter can be considered the proverbial cherry on top since it finalizes the line of communication necessary between my peers and me.

Regardless of the application being used, it is clear that these programs are incredibly beneficial to the student populace. Social media is the quintessential mode of transmission of information, be it homework solutions or team project ideas. Thanks to technology, tackling assignments in college has never been easier. The actual assignments themselves may be a bit harder, but with tools such as Google Drive and Skype, it makes getting a good grade much more feasible.

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