Bridging the Gap

Institutional Culture and the Internet of Things: A Response to ""

Posted by Sophia White, National Content Coordinator on Sep 20, 2018 11:24:40 AM


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Revamping Orientations for iGen Students

Posted by Sophia White, National Content Coordinator on Sep 5, 2018 4:13:49 PM

I’ve seen many orientation varieties throughout the years. In some cases, orientations are exciting, fresh starts for students who can’t wait to begin college. Some want to reinvent themselves, and others are following in the footsteps of siblings or friends who’ve had rave reviews about their experiences and made “best friends for life” in college. Personally, my orientation was one of the more nerve-wracking experiences I’d had. I was an out-of-towner headed to another state’s flagship institution. Naturally, all the kids who went to the same high school sat together in the dining hall for lunch, and I found myself wandering around between tables as seemingly the only Mainer in a group of New Hampshire-ites. Luckily, the one other Maine student rescued me (thanks, Ray!) and my orientation experiences ultimately evolved into an extremely productive college experience.

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Ambassador Perspective: Rachel Andrade

Posted by Rachel Andrade, Former Pace University Student Ambassador on Aug 20, 2018 4:45:06 PM

Rachel at Apogee's 2017  Customer Technology Seminar, pictured with Rahul Naik of Johns Hopkins University 

Rachel Andrade, here! I am a recent graduate of Pace University NYC and a former OrcaTV student ambassador. During my time at Pace University I majored in Arts and Entertainment Management and minored in Special Events Marketing. In effort to foster a community on a big city campus, I served as an executive board member of the Programming and Campus Entertainment Board (P.A.C.E. Board) for two years; Marketing Director ‘16-’17, President ‘17-’18. As a student leader, I recognized the importance of student engagement and recognition. Understanding these two factors was a vital part of my role as a student ambassador.

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Ambassador Perspective: Daniel Aguirre

Posted by Daniel Aguirre, Manhanttan College Student Ambassador on Jul 31, 2018 4:08:31 PM

Constant innovation and renovation encapsulates the life of technology, especially in the field of apps. The introduction of smartphones into our society has enabled us with the ability to communicate in real time. Over time, it has evolved to even video chatting. Unlimited access to limitless information on ideas, events, and people granted to those with a phone. The ones who frequently capitalize on these advancements are college students.

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Managing Expectations for The Consumerization of Technology: Lessons Learned from David Hinson

Posted by Sophia White, National Content Coordinator on Jul 16, 2018 4:17:27 PM

In his Drury Magazine article “Techie Talk: A Digital Revolution,” Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff, COO, and CIO David Hinson explores the challenges of managing technology infrastructure in this “brave new technological world.” As the “consumerization of technology” alters expectations for the university space, Hinson argues that leaders must adopt a growth mindset to deliver upon, and plan for, ready access to technology. This access predicates faculty performance and student success, as the well-equipped student will be able to develop the critical thinking skills that facilitate lifelong learning.

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Ambassador Perspective: Doris Osei

Posted by Doris Osei on Jun 29, 2018 3:09:44 PM


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